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FST Hunger Control Business Package

Control your appetite with our new FST Hunger Control Business Package !

Flat Stomach Tea Hunger Control Combo
Starting a new lifestyle programme requires adjustments, both in mindset and in nutrition and activiTEA. Key to this is discipline and learning to distinguish between actual hunger and emotional hunger (often caused by boredom, habit, stress, cravings).
Controlling cravings and curbing appetite is more about balancing brain chemicals and blood sugar levels than exercising will power.
To help you, try this effective combo:
Mama’s Flat Stomach Tea Crave & Appetite Control capsules help balance blood sugar, reduce cravings and control appetite. 60 capsules. Take one in the morning and one in the evening with meals.

Mama’s Flat Stomach Meal Replacement Shake is a delicious, balanced, nutritious, low calorie meal replacement which fills and satisfies. Enjoy once or twice a day.

Mama’s Flat Stomach Dietary Fibre capsules are a source of natural fibre, essential to fill us and help our digestive system function well. Take one capsule with a glass of water.


 The combo comes with

5 x Crave and Appetite control capsules

5 x Dietary Fibre Capsules

5 x Flat Stomach Meal Replacement Shake

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