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The Pleasure Pack

Enhance your feminiTEA
As women, our yoni is an integral part of our reproductive role and a sensitive pleasure centre. It is self-cleaning but a little pampering enhances feminiTEA.
A unique blend of healing herbs and fragrant flowers and spices, Mama’s Flat Stomach Tea V-Steam helps nourish, cleanse, soothe and restore balance.
The moist heat increases blood flow to the area helping to:
• reduce menstrual symptoms including bloating, cramping, tiredness, heavy bleeding and discomfort
• freshen and reduce odours
• fight infections
• heal and restore damaged tissue
• nourish delicate cells
• assist with dryness
• soothe PMT

4 Stallions Vigour Capsules

Flat Stomach Tea introduces the New 4  Stallions Vigour Capsules for Men will help enhance vitality, vigour and prolonged performance.


  • Increase Vitality
  • Increase Vigour
  • Increase Performance



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